Lugar:  Aula de informática. Campus de Rabanales, Universidad de Córdoba.

Day 1 – 18th Nov. Maps and participatory GIS

1 hour. Introduction to concepts and programme: GIS, maps, participation and citizen science. (MfC, María Alonso-Roldán, ERSAF Pablo González-Moreno)

2 hours. Participatory mapping. (MfC, Louise Francis). Uses, methods and tools, limitations and ethical considerations. Theory and practical activity with traditional methods around campus

2 hours. Introduction to QGIS and Oruxmaps for map production and field data collection (ERSAF, Pablo González-Moreno y F.J. Ruiz-Gómez). Practical exercise with data from mapping around campus and discussion


Day 2 – 19th Nov. Citizen science and participation for nature resource management. Working with communities.

1 hour. The dehesa: current state and environmental problems: (INIA, Ángel Fernández Cancio, ERSAF Rafael Navarro Cerrillo)

2 hours. Working with communities (MfC, Louise Francis and María Alonso-Roldán). Participatory theory, communities and stakeholders, stakeholder mapping, participatory methods, stakeholder engagement plan

2 hours. Practical activity: stakeholder mapping of dehesa by thematic groups and experimental design for field visit (MfC, Louise Francis and María Alonso-Roldán, ERSAF Pablo González, Rafael Navarro Cerrillo). Group activity introduction and guidelines for final presentation.


Day 3 – 20th Nov. Participatory mapping

5 hours. Practical activity: (MfC, María Alonso-Roldán Louise Francis, ERSAF, J.L. Quero, Pablo González-Moreno y F.J. Ruiz-Gómez, COVAP Pedro Moreno)

Participatory mapping of the dehesa in situ. Visit to a dehesa in P.N. Sierra de Cardeña y Montoro including introduction and practical activity with stakeholders. The students will refine the research questions and collect data to test the methodology. During this activity the students will gain experience in the design of a citizen science Project, how to facilitate citizen engagement and how this information could be coded and presented in a GIS to visualise the collective work.


Day 4 – 21st Nov. Participatory plan for dehesa. Presentation of projects by students

1 hour. Examples of citizen science and participatory nature and agriculture management.

–          UCL-ExCiteS projects: resource monitoring in the Congo and CAR, extreme levels of poaching in the Congo Basin, Cameroon (MfC, Louise Francis)

–          Natusfera (INIA, Ángel Fernández Cancio)

–          Community and participatory management of forest areas in Africa (Bosqueycomunidad, Cristina Gandia, Maria Villa)

2 hours. Work in groups

2 hours. Group presentations, discussion and course conclusions. (MfC, María Alonso-Roldán, ERSAF Pablo González Moreno, COVAP Pedro Moreno)


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